Dance Mat Typing Level 1 Stage 3 – RU

Click the link to open Dance Mat Typing Level 1 on BBC Bitesize offical DMT:

Hello chicken! I am your new typing partner. Welcome to my family. Come with me and let’s go to the next stage!

First of all, I have to check if you have acquired what you have learnt before. Put your index on “f” and “j” and, like all the other pointing fingers, on the home row. Do the warm up exercises which have you type on the home row as well as “e” and “i.” Remember: the middle finger should be on the “i” and the other middle finger on the “e!”

After you break all the eggs under warm up, this means you have already learnt how to type on the home row and how to type the letters “e” and “i,” so let’s learn two more letters: “r” and “u.” Now you should keep this in your memory: “r,” “f” and “g” belong to left pointer finger; “h,” “j” and “u” are typed with your right pointer finger. Got it? Then crack all the eggs under your left hand and right hand. When you start on the right hand, there will be a letter song starting. I believe that you will learn it much easier while I sing to you. Here comes the last two colorful eggs; why are they so different from the others? Bingo – because after you break them all, you will get a big surprise!

The big surprise is a singing and dancing party! Come to sing and dance with us! Ladies, are you ready!? Let’s play something for the intelligent chicken who has finished all the tasks successfully!

Congratulations, my little chicken. Now I got a beer and you can also get a … soft drink or fruit juice. Thank you for joining us in the typing lesson. I hope you have enjoyed yourself and learnt how to type on “r” and “u.” Keep practicing and you will get better and better!