List of Dance Mat Typing Stages

All the 12 stages of BBC typing course – Dance Mat Typing

stage 1  This stage introduces the home row

stage 2  This stage introduces the letters e and i.

stage 3  This stage introduces r and u

stage 4  In which t and y are introduced

stage 5  In which you meet w and o

stage 6  In this stage, q and p arrive on the scene

stage 7  Now it’s getting tricky. Here come v and m

stage 8  Who’s that coming over the horizon? Looks like the b and n keys

stage 9  It’s the last set of exercises in Level 3 – here come c and the comma

stage 10  The x and z keys come to the table

stage 11  The awkward / and . keys get added into the mix

stage 12  This is it. Everything together for one last performance