Typing Of The Living Dead – free typing games

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This is an infected world where you can only see zombies instead of living people. Because of an accident that happened in a hospital, the patients there were all infected by some unknown virus and became the walking dead. And the worst part is that the healthy people getting bitten will get infected and become one of the walking dead too.

In this game, you, as a soldier, have a mission which is to kill the infected walking corpses and get the curing medicine.

The Typing of the Living Dead was developed by Alistair Scott. It is a word-typing version of Left 4 Dead. You need to type the word appearing on the head of the walking corpse correctly and accurately to kill them before they touch and bite you. There are two modes so you can enjoy the game in two different ways. One is called Death Wish Mode, in which you have to kill as many zombies as you can to protect yourself, because of the mission failure, operatives have been deemed expendable. In this mode, you will be in a backyard, and words showing on the heads of some zombies coming out of the forest cannot be seen immediately, so you need to be more focused on those, once you can see the word, kill it! Another is called survivor mode, in which you need to get through 16 zombie infected levels. Of course, it will become more and more difficult as you reach the higher levels. You will feel like you are playing against an RPG in this mode, because the scenery changes as you get to the next level. Some people find this mode to be more interesting and fun.

Even if it is just a word typing game, you can also have so much fun killing the zombies. The design of the game scenes are really scary, and the background music matches the game perfectly. All the settings give you a wonderful gaming experience. If you do not want to be infected, you need to type as fast and accurately as possible. If you find yourself surrounded by a large group of zombies, don’t be scared, calm down, because you will not be dead until you get bitten several times. You can check on the blood bar underneath, which shows you how long you can keep playing until you become fully infected.

Here is a little secret for you when you play this game. You do not need to retype the whole word if you type a letter incorrectly, just start with the letter after the one you typed correctly.

It’s a game for those people who are crazy about scary and horrible movies, and want to improve their typing speed. Even though it looks like an easy game for kids, adults can also enjoy it, because to some extent, flash is not suitable for kids, because of the scary scenery and creepy background music.

Are you ready to battle to save your life from the crazy walking dead? Let’s get started!