Dance Mat Typing Level 4 Stage 10 – XZ

Click the link to open Dance Mat Typing Level 4 on BBC Bitesize offical DMT:

Hello kittens. Welcome to my cat house in Greece. I just had a great dinner; what about you? Do you want to eat something? Don’t be rushed, let’s play a game first. There are four plates that need to be broken because we are going to throw them away and buy some new ones. Type all the letters at the top of the screen correctly and you will achieve the goal!

In this round, you will go over all the letters that you have learned before, including those two you learned last time. Do you still remember what they are? Let me give you a clue. One is C and another is an interpunction – the comma on the third row. Both of them should be typed by the middle finger. So let’s get the ball rolling during the warm up round.

After that, the main dish of the day will be served by Mr. White. See, they are the X and Z. Use your left hand ring finger to press X and your little finger of the same hand to press Z. Now there are three red plates waiting for you! Break all of them!

So far you have learned all of the letters, plus an interpunction key on the keyboard. Congratulations! But don’t be too overjoyed; there is something else you need to learn! Now, you are going to learn about another mark button on the home row beside the colon, which is the apostrophe. Use your little finger of your right hand to press this key. This probably could be a little bit difficult, but don’t give up – keep trying!

In the last round, there are the comprehensive exercises. When you finish it, you will be told what your typing speed is. You can have a big dinner after finishing all the tasks – but don’t eat too much, you can see that I already have an obesity problem.