Dance Mat Typing Level 3 Stage 7 – VM

Click the link to open Dance Mat Typing Level 3 on BBC Bitesize offical DMT:

Greetings and welcome to this high mountainous region! Hello, peaceful ones. Learn to type with me until all the gongs have been played. Let’s warm up the hands first, I will show you the way!

Type all the letters you see in the sky correctly and play the four gongs in the warm up round. Remember what you have learned so far: hands on the home row and press the P and Q keys with your little fingers. This is aimed at going over what you have learned from other coaches during previous stages. Those who know the P and Q keys nearly know the entire alphabet!

Do not doubt your typing ability. Skilled typers don’t rush; just practice your typing skills step by step. The secret of typing is no longer a secret.
Here comes today’s first new letter: V. Use your left pointer finger to type that letter, which is found on the third row. Now your left pointer finger is controlling R, T, G, F and V. Keep an eye on how many gongs you’ve rung while doing the tasks.

The second new letter of the day is M. Like typing V, use your right hand pointer finger to touch M on the third row. Now your right pointer finger is controlling U, Y, H, J and M.

You will understand why I lit a candle on the top of my head at the end of this lesson. And I will explain to you why I play the gongs so loudly. But first things first – you need to finish all the tasks and play all the gongs. Enjoy the journey in this mysterious region and you will be able to learn typing skills by listening to this beautiful and mysterious music.

Remember: more candles will light your way to learn how to type.