Dance Mat Typing Level 2 Stage 6 – QP

Click the link to open Dance Mat Typing Level 2 on BBC Bitesize offical DMT:

Hello honkers, welcome to the little pond. I am your typing lesson teacher Miss Flamingo on stage six at level two. This is the last stage in this level. Be sure that you have already kept all the letters we went over before in your mind. We will just do a short review on those letters in the warm up round. Correctly typing all the letters shown on the top of the screen will make all the snails appear.

In the warm up round, you will go over the letters of the home row and the two letters on the top row. Try to recall what you have learned in the last stage. Way to go! Just use your right and left ring fingers to type the keys O and W.

After warming your pointer and ring fingers up, we will get down to business. That’s right. We have learned almost all the letters on the top row except two: Q and P. These two letters would be a little bit more difficult than the others. This is because it is going to use your pinky fingers. In the next two rounds, use your left and right pinky fingers to type the keys Q and P. You might not be very good at using your pinkies to type. No need to freak out, just concentrate on what you are doing and keep practicing. The situation will be better and better.

After making all eight snails appear, you will surprisingly find that you can type the keys Q and P with your pinky fingers easily. Finish the last round – both hand exercises. When you do, I will show you the beautiful flamingo dance and music. The little blue-green bird will play the flamingo guitar, and Mr. Crab will dance with me!

Enjoy your typing lesson! Honkers! See you next time!