Dance Mat Typing Level 4 Stage 11 – /.

Click the link to open Dance Mat Typing Level 4 on BBC Bitesize offical DMT:

Who am I? You don’t have to know. Where I go, you must follow. Come with me to my hole!

Today, movers, you are going to practice your typing skills and learn something new with me until all the lanterns are lit.

First of all, put your hands on the home row. Type the letters on the top of the screen. Don’t forget the X and Z keys which you have just learned during the last lesson. And the other apostrophe mark is controlled by the little finger of your right hand. Did those tips ring a bell for you? Okay, stop fooling around. Let’s get down to practice, finish the exercises in the warm up round and light up the first four lanterns.

Then, we start to learn about two new keys: the full stop mark and the slash (it is also a question mark). Use your right hand ring finger to press the full stop mark, and use your little finger of the same hand to type the slash. Finish all the exercises. You might already realize that the ring fingers are respectively controlling the W, S and X with your left hand and the O, L and full stop marks are controlled with your right hand; the little fingers are respectively in charge of Q, A, Z (left hand), P, semicolon, slash and apostrophe (right hand).

You will go through some comprehensive exercises with both your right hands and left hands in the last round. All the letters or marks you have learned before will be tested in this round. If you cannot do it successfully the first or second time, don’ give up – try harder and your typing skills will be definitely be improved a lot by the time you are done with this task.

Thank you for coming over to my hole. I hope you enjoy the journey of the typing lesson. Don’t forget to practice from time to time!