Ninja Hunter – free typing games

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The Ninja Hunter is a typing game based on the story of a good ninja, who is controlled by you, protecting the wind goddess’ temple from the invasion of some bad ninjas. The story itself is very suspenseful.

As a matter of fact, the highlights of this game are the settings for different enemies and the various skills you possess. First of all, there are 6 different kinds of bad ninjas you need to conquer. You can check out all of them one by one in the selection “ENEMY ENCYCLOPEDIA”, which is one of the selections shown on the first page. Or you can click on NEW GAME to start a brand new exciting journey right away. Every time you finish a stage, you can read the information about another kind of bad ninja shown on the screen. You can even find some ninjas riding horses, called Mounted Ninjas, which are faster and stronger than the normal ninja. This kind of ninja can cause a lot of damage once they approach and attack the temple, so you need to be focused on killing them as soon as possible. There are also some other kinds of ninjas which are dangerous as well. If you don’t know the tips written below, you won’t survive very long in this typing game.

The very special design of this game, which also makes the game totally different from the other typing games, are the many settings for different skills the Ninja you are controlling can use. One of them is called speed of the wind, which is aimed at increasing your speed, and decreasing your enemies’ speed. The rage of the wind is a very powerful skill, which can kill all the enemies showing on the screen at the same time (do not use it when there is only one enemy, okay! Because once you use a skill, you need to wait for the energy bar to be refilled fully. ). The third one is called the wind barrier, which can recover the damaged part of the temple caused by the invading enemy.

There are two modes you can choose to play. One is NEW GAME, as I mentioned above, where you will start from a simple level and reach a higher level by killing all the enemies. In this mode, your skills’ level will be updated each time you finish one level. In the Survival mode, you will have four assistants with arrows, but don’t rely on them too much, because they won’t shoot very fast, most of the enemies need to be taken care of by you. And you will find that as the game goes on, the enemy will come faster and faster. Staying alive as long as you can, and getting a higher score are the main purposes of this mode. You can check the score ranking on the website to see if you get in the top 100.

The Ninja Hunter was developed and sponsored by ArcadeTown. The code was written by Nicolas Villarroel, and the art was designed by Bruno Camousseigt, both of whom are from the BEKHO TEAM.