Type Rocket 60 – free typing games

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Hey everybody, welcome to one of the most boring games in the world—the type rocket! Even though it’s boring, you will find yourself addicted to it and won’t stop playing it!

Why would I say that? Because it is really such a boring game designed for typing the 26 letters of the alphabet! OMG, just letters! And there are only 60 seconds for each round, and there is no next level!

At first, you may be surprised by the game scene, which is based on outer space. Right, it does look pretty cool. And when you type each letter rocket to make it explode, the effect looks like fireworks. I guess the game sound should be impressive as well, even though I did not turn on the sound when I was playing it.

In the first 45 seconds, those rockets appear slowly like a snail. You can easily type each word with one finger of each hand. To have even more fun and intensiveness, you can wait for more rockets to show on the screen and then start typing them. But the designer is not that stupid, you may enjoy yourself during the first 45 seconds when, suddenly, at the 46th second, those rockets will appear like a giant herd of horse on the prairie, and you will probably be scared as hell. Yes, all of a sudden, there are ten rockets flying into outer space from somewhere—I have no idea exactly where, maybe earth—at the same time.

The goal of playing this game is to get as higher of a score as possible. There is no problem if you miss a few rockets and let them fly away. The only thing you need to be careful of is trying to be 100% precise when you type each letter. That’s because if you type a letter that does not show on the screen, your final score will be decreased. One mistake will decrease your score by one point.

You will find that the game is a little tricky in the last 15 seconds. When those coming-from-nowhere rockets start showing up on the screen out of nowhere, your eyes will probably make you dizzy, then you will probably make a few mistakes because you want to make more rockets explode. However, if so, you will find, surprisingly, that the final score you get is much less than you were expecting. For instance, if you get 80 points after making 15 mistakes, the final score will be 65 points!

Here is my suggestion: do not type fast while sacrificing accuracy—go for slow but accurate rather than fast but inaccurate.

There is a little bug in this game: when you click the option “High Scores” at the bottom, there is no response! You cannot open the page to check who got the highest scores all over the world. The other two options “help” and “play more games” do work however.

The last thing I want tell you is that the game has an amazingly attractive power, which will make you become addicted to it and never stop playing it, even though it is such a boring and stupid game. Don’t believe me? Just give it a try!