QWERTY Warriors – free typing games

Click the link to open Ninja Hunter in full screen:

Welcome to the QWERTY Warriors’ World. This is a flash game which can help improve your typing speed while you are killing the enemy coming towards you. It’s so exciting that even adults can have fun with it.

You control the gray icon, which is a warrior, standing in the center of the screen. With the intensive background music turned up, you need to be focused on the little blue icons with different words underneath, which are the enemies trying to approach and kill you. When you spell each word correctly and click enter to open fire, you will kill the enemy. Remember, you can only type one word each time, otherwise the word is considered as misspelled.

Okay, let’s get back to the beginning. As you can see, this is sponsored by Crazy Monkey Game. Click play to enter the game, you will notice that the game is created by Diseased Productions. Then you can get to the main page of the game. There you will see the menu and directions. There are four different levels you can select – “easy”, “medium”, “hard”, “impossible”. You can start with “easy” if you are not confident in your typing speed. However, you also can challenge the “impossible” even if you are typing words with one finger, LOL!

Here is a tip for you: when you see these two words – “detonate”, which means to kill all the enemies appearing on the screen immediately, or “full-health”, which means to refill your HP (you will be dead if your HP decreases to 0) – do not spell them right when they appear, instead you need to leave them there until it’s time to use them (ex: when your HP is below 30, or there are more than 5 enemies standing around you and shooting at you).

When you start the game, you will notice that the different kinds of enemies are valued differently. At the beginning, the little men are worth 120 points, as the game goes on, the value of the enemy increases. Try to survive as long as possible to get a higher score. You can type in your name, and submit your score on the internet to compare with the other players from all over the world, so you can see if you are the fastest and most accurate typist in the world!

Here we go! Let’s kill the enemy! I hope you will enjoy the game as much as I do! The easy mode may be too boring for you to play. But if you want to get your kid, especially your son, to practice typing, this game is the best choice for him. The design of this game is really playful and interesting.