Bitter Boss – free typing games

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This is a word game, which is a fairly common type of game. Nevertheless, it might be the hardest typing game you will ever play.

You act as an employee in a company, and the story is happening in your office. It is a workday today, so you have a lot of things to deal with. You would like to finish them one by one, but sometimes you need to acquire the ability to multitask.

There are many things waiting for you to deal with. When an empty bar appears over the computer, the phone, or anything else in your office, you need to use the mouse to click it before the green color totally fills the bar up. And then, if you get it in time, the bar will become empty and restart the process of being filled with green. You will see an order appear in a square frame. When this happens, you need to type the order as fast as you can, which means putting the order into action, then you will get a score as a reward. Of course, you need to finish typing it before the bar is filled with green, otherwise you will lose some points and end up with a negative score. Sometimes your boss will come to tell you to do something; you need to react as fast as possible or he will lose his patience and go away—an you know that wouldn’t be good.

The most difficult part of this game is that there is a big possibility that a couple of things will come to you at the same time. For example, the phone may ring when the boss is telling you to do something. This can be a reasonable situation you can deal with. A tougher situation you may encounter is when there are three or more things happening at the same time.

If you want to improve your word-typing speed, this is a very good game to do so. Each of the orders appear in the form of whole sentences. You may even learn some office language when playing this game. However, if you want to release some stress, do not play this game. Why? You know what the name of this game is? Bitter Boss! Right. You won’t enjoy playing it at all, and there is not much fun because, when there are many things happening at the same time, you will feel very stressed and intense. The faster you want to finish the tasks that pop up, the more mess you will get.

Remember one thing when you type the order-: there is a space between each word, so you need to press the space key when you finish typing a word. Don’t worry about making mistakes; there is nothing bad that will happen the first few times you mistype or misspell words. There are ten times you can try before losing the mission. The red bars on the right corner at the top show how many times you still have left. If you did not click the ringing phone or flashing desk lamp before the green fills up the bar that appears over the machine, you will lose one red bar, which is shown on the top right-hand corner. The game is over after all ten red bars disappear.