Dance Mat Typing Level 2 Stage 4 – TY

Click the link to open Dance Mat Typing Level 2 on BBC Bitesize offical DMT:

Hello hippos! Welcome back to your typing lessons! Wow, you guys are so great! From now on, you will be learning at level 2! I am the dance hippo from India. This is stage 4!

Before we get the new show on the road, we have to be sure that you have already learned all the letters of the 3 stages in level 1.

Let’s go over the home row and a few letters in the first row that we learned in the warm up round. Finish eating all four of the apples, three of which are the letters U and R. This means you have remembered all the letters we have learned so far! Bravo!

Today, we are going to learn two new letters: T and Y. Use your left pointer finger to press the keys F, G, R, T, and your right pointer finger to type J, H, U, Y. Practice with your left pointer finger first, then your right pointer finger. Eat all five T apples and the three Y apples; your typing skill will improve a lot!

In the last round, there are some comprehensive exercises. Use both your left and right pointer fingers to type the letters that are shown at the top of the screen. You may think it’s very annoying that Mr. Hippo is always snoring. Don’t worry about that; once you successfully finish all the rounds, he will wake up and I will dance to congratulate you! Wanna see my dance? Be focused on learning the letters first! You might get a few tips from the mouse and camel when they show up on the screen.

Let’s get the ball rolling little hippos! Enjoy your typing lesson in the Indian exotic and have fun!